Introduction to horseriding

During your stay you can enjoy the company of our horses. If you are experienced rider you can ride on your own. For those who are not so familliar with the horses we can organize a lesson.

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Birdwatching is increasing in popularity across the world. In Europe there is over eight milion registered bird lovers members. Nature Park “Lonjsko Polje“ is home for over two-hundred fifty bird species, therefore it was one of the most important areas for birds in Croatia. It was given the label IBA ( Important Bird Area ) by the EU. There are few locations we can suggest near us for birdwatching:


  • First European village of storks – Čigoč
  • Entrance into the retention of Kretečko and Mužilovčica
  • Distributory channel Tišina-Mužilovčica

  • Osekovo field
  • Pogan field
  • Fishponds Lipovljani

  • Ornithological reserve Krapje Đol and Rakita
  • River Sava


Hunting and fishing

During your stay you can go on a fishing trip. There is a number of surrounding rivers where you can have oportunity to relax and enjoy fishing. Rivers “Strug“, “Sava“ and “Una“ provide a wonderful recreation for all passionate fisherman. For fishing licenses you can contact us. We can provide you with a boat and a guide if you need one.

Our farm is located on the hunting area called “Opeka“ and is on the border with two other hunting areas “Trstika“ and “Puska“. In these territories you can find deer, roe deer, and a wild hog. From the smaller wild animals there are rabbit, fox and weasel as well as interesting birds such as pheasant, quail, partridge, mallard, wild goose and more. Contact us and therefore we can organize, in association with Croatian Hunting Federation, hunting trip which suits your needs.


Other activities

Walking through Lonjsko polje

Boat riding

 Riding on a bike

Children’s playground

Badminton, volleyball and football


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